Giving Back

Giving Back

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

Hermes Law is engaged in philanthropic efforts through Proistemi Project, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Dwayne Hermes.

Through Proistemi Project, Hermes Law is involved in a number of projects designed to address poverty in Honduras. The projects include providing food baskets to combat hunger in an impoverished community.

Through the Little Angels of Honduras organization, the nonprofit is providing assistance to the severely under-funded neo-natal intensive care unit of a public hospital in Tegucigalpa. Proistemi Project also provides assistance to Casa Zulema, a home for those suffering from the devastation of AIDS. Some residents are victims of AIDS and others are family members who have been impacted, sometimes orphaned. The residents have come to Casa Zulema seeking food, shelter and support.

Hermes Law team members were in Honduras on December 7-11, 2017, to learn more about the above-mentioned initiatives and to determine how Hermes Law can work with Proistemi Project to meet the short-term needs of people in need with the overarching vision of making a long-term impact.

In addition, apart from the Proistemi Foundation, Hermes Law team members volunteer with meal service at The Stewpot, an organization that serves the homeless and at-risk individuals of Downtown Dallas.

“If you’ve visited the Catholic Charities Fort Worth campus lately, you’ve probably noticed some changes. From turning offices into shared workrooms to cleaning out our file cabinets to go paperless, we’re on a mission to create space. More space will make us more efficient, make collaboration easier, and ultimately help us end poverty.

That’s why we borrowed a page from Hermes Law Firm to create the kind of space that serves the greater social good. Our building, what is now a traditional workspace, capped in desk spaces and flow, is going to be transformed into an open-concept floor plan, modeled after the amazing synergy we saw at the Hermes Law Firm.

We need space to end poverty. This is an idea that we have been visiting and revisiting at CCFW. You see, we’ve been dreaming for a long time now about ending poverty in our community. But for many of our clients, an end to poverty is something they have never had the capacity to dream about. We are determined to empower them to make more space in their lives to permanently move out of poverty. And the physical space is just the beginning. Thank you, Hermes Law Firm, for paving the way.”
-Heather Reynolds, CEO/President of Catholic Charities Fort Worth