Hermes Law celebrated their 2nd year with an outing to a Rangers game! We had 50 firm members and family turn out for a tailgate and baseball game. Hot Dogs, Nachos and a good time had by all.  

Dwayne Hermes of Hermes Law, along with James Dickey of iMGA are rallying support for SB 10 and HB 1774 following a huge 1400% increase in weather-related lawsuits since 2011. In a testimony prepared by James Dickey he explains how iMGA almost went out of business due to false claims made after the hailstorms experienced in Texas between 2012 and 2014. iMGA builds relationships with insurance companies willing to sell a product that they underwrite. They then recruit and manage the retail agents, and provide all the policy service. iMGA specializes in providing coverage for homes that, on average, are much smaller, older and lower in value than those insured … Read More

Although collaborative law has traditionally only been utilized in the family law context, there are opportunities to adapt the collaborative law framework for an insurance defense practice. In the insurance defense context, collaborative law can be utilized as a means of reducing the cost of litigation. Regular reporting to the insured and carrier that includes analysis of whether collaborative law is an option is a method of demonstrating to the carrier the firm’s ability to achieve resolutions creatively and in a way that furthers objectives of all involved. According to the 2015 Claims & Litigation Management Alliance Litigation Management Study General Report, risk industry executives indicated that they wished their … Read More

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