Our leading edge technology automates case administration; our collaborative workspace fosters true collaboration and innovation; and, our client services-centered culture facilitates customization of our processes to efficiently meet each client’s needs. Our diverse team of legal professionals provides our clients with expertise in the leading areas of practice impacting the risk industry, including:


Appellate Law

When the outcome of a case is challenged, either by you or by a plaintiff, experienced counsel and representation is critical in the appeal process.

We offer a variety of appellate services at the state and Federal levels. Even if Hermes Law, P.C. was not involved at trial, our appellate counsel is available to research appellate issues, review the trial record and give you an honest opinion regarding the likelihood of success on appeal. Our appellate counsel is available to partner with trial counsel at any stage of the litigation to handle interlocutory appeals and original proceedings reviewing key trial-court rulings, prepare dispositive motions and draft and argue jury charges. After trial we will prepare and respond to post-verdict motions, judgment formation issues and handle briefing and the presentation of oral argument in your case on appeal. Hermes Law, P.C. is also ready to advise you on protection of assets and how to suspend execution of judgment while your case is pending an appeal.

Our appellate counsel works closely with our trial lawyers at every phase of your case to improve the likelihood of success at trial and on appeal and reduce legal costs over the life of the dispute.


Our Casualty and General Liability attorneys represent clients in a wide array of matters ranging from wrongful death and catastrophic injuries to minor injury and/or property damage claims. We are frequently hired to defend cases involving multiple Plaintiffs and/or multiple deaths.Our attorneys serve as panel counsel for many insurance carriers representing individuals and businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, and all types of service providers. We are frequently hired to act as monitoring counsel advising defense counsel and insurers on strategy and collaborative resolution.

Commercial Litigation

Our Commercial Litigation attorneys help businesses and individuals prosecute and defend claims brought by and against the government, competitors, employees, shareholders, customers and the public. Typical matters include breach of contract claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, antitrust suits, property and title disputes, trade secrets and class actions lawsuits.

Our experienced team provides businesses and individuals with aggressive representation in all phases of dispute resolution. Our focus is on cost efficient and result effective resolution of disputes and claims.

Construction Law

Finding a law firm to keep pace with your construction issues is as important as finding the highest quality materials. The Hermes Law, P.C. construction attorneys handle transactional and litigation needs during all design and construction phases, and litigates everything from property damage caused by defective design or construction to injuries on the job site to contract payment disputes. We represent owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers architects, engineers and sub consultants.

Our transactional services include contract drafting, review and negotiations; bidding and bid protests; and construction administration support including assistance in terminating defaulting parties, interim payment/back charge disputes, closing out projects, and filing/defending against lien and bond claims; negotiating pre-suit settlements for disputes arising out of major construction-related incidents such as structural failures, bankruptcy, catastrophic loss of the project due to fire/Acts of God and differing conditions; preparation of claims for wrongful terminations and claims for delay/acceleration, differing conditions, loss of overhead and unpaid change requests.

Environmental Law

The Hermes Law, P.C. Environmental/Toxic Tort Litigation attorneys have expertise in claims related to air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, the transportation of hazardous materials and exposure to chemical substances such as pesticides, lead, cleaning solutions, silica, benzene, hydrogen sulfide, asbestos and industrial chemicals. We are panel counsel for numerous insurers and handle both federal and state court litigation through Texas for one-time single claimants/events as well as repeat mass plaintiff cases.

Medical Malpractice

Hermes Law, P.C. has an extensive practice in the representation of hospitals, physicians, practice groups, nurses, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, pharmaceutical companies, managed care organizations, emergency room staffing firms, home health agencies as well as other healthcare providers and organizations. Our experience ranges from representation of individual physicians in medical malpractice cases to handling complex class actions on behalf of national healthcare enterprises. We handle all aspects of healthcare litigation including medical malpractice defense, health insurance litigation, contract and business disputes and managed care litigation. We have experience and expertise in the trial of medical negligence cases and other types of healthcare litigation throughout Texas.

Premises Liability

If you own or manage property, knowing how to prevent lawsuits and how to handle them if you become a target is crucial. The Hermes Law, P.C. defense team will help you both evaluate potential hazards and defend those decisions after suit is filed.

Premises liability covers situations in which an individual is injured due to a hazard on property owned or maintained by someone else. The most common cases involve someone who slips and falls on another’s premises, but this practice area also can involve dog attacks, chemical exposure, criminal activity and other situations that the property owner might not have foreseen.

Our attorneys have successfully defended property owners against premises liability claims in a variety of situations. We understand federal and state regulations concerning property owners and the nuances of the claims procedure. Our attorneys are committed to protecting our clients from frivolous or fraudulent lawsuits, and have the knowledge and skill to evaluate your claim and manage your risk as you request.

Product Liability

If you are a manufacturer or distributor of any type of product, you need a law firm that understands how to protect your business. A product liability claim can be filed against anyone involved in manufacturing or distributing a product that causes harm.

The Texas legislature has passed strong statutory provisions governing product liability litigation in Texas, providing statutory indemnity obligations, and providing protections for various parties involved in a particular case. These cases often raise complicated indemnity and cross indemnity claims as well as jurisdictional issues for our foreign manufacturer and distributor clients.

At Hermes Law, P.C., the Products Liability practice group represents manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of products, including industrial and agricultural equipment, children’s products, chemicals, tires, and consumer products. Many of our clients lead the market for their particular product. For clients with products that are the subject of frequent litigation, we serve as national counsel in order to ensure consistency in how the cases are handled.

Professional Liability

Prevention is the best defense against professional liability. If you are a professional, we can help you identify potential problems and develop safeguards to prevent claims. And if an issue does arise, we will aggressively defend your interests.

Any business that requires specialized training or education is subject to professional liability lawsuits. Claims of malpractice go beyond the medical profession to lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, architects, real estate agents, technology consultants.

An issue that a professional may confront at some point in their career is an error & omission claim. When a professional provides a service, there is an underlying risk that a client could allege that the professional did not perform under a contract, or the services rendered did not conform to the standard of care expected in the field. Alternatively, a professional may be responsible for an employee that performs a task outside of their scope of ability or authorization, which, potentially, could financially or reputably harm a client.

Our attorneys understand the demands of running a professional practice. Whether you are an architect, engineer, surveyor, insurance agent or broker, attorney, financial advisor, title agent, technology consultant, doctor, accountant, real estate agent or other dedicated professional, our attorneys have the experience to help you through the multitude of E & O claims facing your profession.


We have experience in cases involving all aspects of property insurance claims. Our attorneys counsel property insurers regarding coverage and claims issues, assist in claim investigations, coordinate outside experts and consultants, take examinations under oath, provide coverage opinions, and counsel insurers participating in appraisals.

When property insurance claims result in litigation against property insurers, we defend contractual and extra-contractual claims including allegations of bad faith and unfair insurance claims practices.

Transportation Law

Transportation law includes issues surrounding motor carriers, shippers and anyone else involved in the process of transporting products and people from one place to another. Typical cases concern freight loss and damage, interstate commerce, truck accidents and overweight truck violations.

Hermes Law, P.C. attorneys find and maintain contact with defendant drivers who no longer work for our client, but are needed to testify. We have extensive experience in defending motor carriers and have a database of “expert witnesses” who frequently testify for plaintiffs.

If you’re a motor carrier facing a claim, you can count on our transportation attorneys’ expertise and record of success. Not only do we often successfully defend such claims in court, but we also have achieved summary judgments due to our familiarity with technical rules and regulations.

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